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Line is a messaging and free call service very similar to Skype or WhatsApp, which will allow us to communicate with our contacts. Here free download Line

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Download Line Free Now!

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Line Review

Line is a messaging and free call service very similar to Skype or WhatsApp. Which will allow us to communicate with our friends and acquaintances by smartphone without having to spend nothing, with the condition of having an Internet connection at our disposal. Download Line for free on your smartphone.

The messaging system will allow us not only to send text messages from one user to another, but also to easily send images, videos and even audio so that they reach directly to any other user with whom we are trying to communicate. In addition, because Line also has a desktop client, we can open and receive all these files also on our computer.

To be able to establish calls we will need the other user also have the Line application installed in your terminal. At the moment this is so, the application itself will warn us that our friend is now using the program and we can call you at no cost. It is important to note that in order to call via Line, we will need WiFi or a good 3G connection.

Advantages Line App

- You can use Line on your computer
- Has Custom Stickers
- Free calls and video calls can be made.
- Double check for conversations.
- It has an integrated translator.


The mode of use is very simple, you just have to download Line on your smartphone and install it. Once done, look for your contacts and you can start sending messages, make voice calls or also video calls. In addition to this you can send exclusive stickers, your holiday photos or memes to laugh with your friends as well as send videos.

One of the surprises of Line, is that when you want to add a contact, you can only scan the QR code of your contact and ready. And the most fun is that if you and your contact shake the smartphone at the same time, Line detects the contact and adds it.


Download Line Free

  • Android Last Updated: 30.05.2017
  • Android Current Version: Not defined
  • Android Downloads: 500.000.000 -

  • IOS Last Updated: 31.05.2017
  • IOS Current Version 7.5.0

  • Developer: LINE Corporation
  • Category: Social Network
  • Stores: Play store, Apple Store
  • Platforms: Mobile, Tablet, Desktop

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